Educating the WHOLE child - Mind, Heart, and Spirit!

Elementary Curriculum

Kindergarten Curriculum


Kindergarten is an important year for students to build a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematical concepts as well as enhance their communication skills. 


Students take part in language activities throughout the day that extend their vocabulary and conceptual knowledge. Students are introduced to a wide variety of literature, including stories, poetry, and non-fiction works. Differentiated reading activities allow teachers to address students’ individual needs and learning styles. Structured direct teaching of word recognition skills using Fountas and Pinnell materials assist students with phonemic awareness, phonics, syllabication, and high-frequency words. Using guided reading materials, the students focus on fluency, expression, and comprehension. Daily writing experiences encourage students to express their ideas in the written form while honing their writing skills.


Kindergarten utilizes the Everyday Math program as well as teacher-created activities. Kindergarten math focuses on numeration skills as well as on numeral recognition, skip counting, beginning numerical operations such as addition and subtraction, and the concepts of time and money. 

Social Studies and Science

Kindergarten students are exposed to history, geography, and civics. They learn to say the Pledge of Allegiance, recognize the flag as a U.S. symbol, identify the U.S. on a map, and learn about our Presidents and historical landmarks. Students learn to work cooperatively and to follow school and community rules. School-wide service projects during the year seek to involve the students in helping others while teaching the children about responsible citizenship. Science activities in Kindergarten capitalize on a child’s natural curiosity of their environment. Students are exposed to life science, physical science, and earth science. 


1st - 4th Grade Curriculum


Christ Church School has a commitment to educating the whole child. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, ethically, aesthetically, and socially. We encourage students to become active, engaged learners and responsible citizens. At each grade level teachers use the Common Core State Standards as a guide to challenge students and help them achieve academic and intellectual competencies.

A CCS elementary student’s daily schedule consists of blocks of time dedicated to Language Arts, Math, and Science, complemented with Social Studies, Religion, Technology, and Specials. 

Language Arts

Students participate in varied reading activities, which include guided reading with leveled books, small reading groups, and independent reading. Intertwined is Communication Arts, which includes writing, spelling, vocabulary, phonetic skills, journaling, and grammar. Teachers utilize a variety of tools to enhance their teaching. 


Elementary students use the Everyday Math curriculum. This program emphasizes the use of concrete, real-life examples; spiraled use of mathematical concepts and skills; frequent practice of basic skills; and varied approaches to accommodate different learning styles. This math curriculum is delivered in whole group, small group, and centers formats.

Social Studies and Science

The Social Studies curriculum is based around themes such as the Arizona Desert, westward expansion, and the rainforest. Citizen participation skills are nurtured and guided as students learn to make appropriate choices and decisions as individuals and as part of a group. School-wide service projects during the year seek to involve the students in helping others while teaching the children about responsible citizenship.

The Science program is based on the curriculum of ScienceFusion integrated with additional hands-on activities. ScienceFusion is a program designed for building inquiry, STEM, and optimized for learning in the classroom, at home, on a laptop, a tablet, or using a science textbook. 

Curriculum Enhancements



Art classes focus on becoming familiar with the many influential works and great artists of the world. Each study combines viewing artwork, critical discussions, and art projects using a variety of mediums. There is an emphasis on learning to appreciate art and creating an understanding of its influence. 

Chapel and Worship

Chapel is an integral part of our School program. Parents are always welcome to attend our worship services. We celebrate together as a community of faithful people. This focus on Christian values provides the center around which all academic, social, and spiritual goals revolve. The School recognizes the religious diversity of its community and actively promotes respect and acceptance of all faiths. 


Weekly library classes enable students to develop the motivation and skills necessary to read and foster a love of reading. Students will become familiar with elements of a book, styles of writing, authors, illustrators, and library classification systems. They will hear stories, complete related activities, and select books for check out. This program is designed to create an appreciation for all literature. 


The music program at Christ Church School introduces students to rhythm, melody/pitch, expression, and movement. Through singing, playing simple percussion instruments, and other rhythm activities, students are introduced to the fundamentals of music and are encouraged to develop an appreciation for music. The students also learn basic performance skills that are practiced in a variety of school programs. 

Physical Education 

Physical education plays an important role in a student’s growth and development. The physical education program at Christ Church School is designed to promote lifelong fitness habits. Physical activity can stimulate brain development, enhance motor coordination, and increase energy levels. The program provides an opportunity for each student to develop skill competencies which will allow him/her to interact successfully with peers and develop self-awareness. 


Our religion classes emphasize the life of Jesus and the Bible. Students are introduced to the different colors and symbols for the seasons of the church year, and they are given the opportunity to discuss prayer and faith. First Grade students focus on the Sacraments. Second-Fourth Grade students begin to connect Bible stories with different parts of Jesus’ life by examining the culture and the geography of ancient Israel. (Participation: First through Fourth Grade classes.)


Christ Church School offers its students an opportunity to be exposed to a foreign language at an early age. Oral and written introductions to vocabulary are integrated with classroom themes using puppets, songs, and games. The program promotes interest and appreciation for Spanish-speaking people and their cultures, contributing to an attitude of global understanding and awareness. 


The Christ Church School theater program is a creative learning experience for CCS elementary students. Students will participate in high-quality musical theater productions that will increase self-awareness, self-confidence, and build connections across grade levels and within the local community.