Educating the WHOLE child - Mind, Heart, and Spirit!

Preschool Curriculum

Young Twos, Two-Year-Olds, and Young-Threes

Our toddler programs focus on learning to play and playing to learn.  A variety of developmentally appropriate experiences provide opportunities for our young students to draw, paint, listen to stories, work with manipulative materials to understand basic number concepts, make music, and explore the world around them. The classrooms provide a climate of confidence that will help students develop self-help skills and independence. A typical day includes an art project, time to play in a child-selected center, recess time on the playground, circle time, snack time, and either a music or physical education class. Chapel services for our young students is offered once a week.


Three-Year Olds, Young Fours, Pre-K, and Junior Kindergarten

Christ Church School preschool curriculum provides a stimulating environment for each student to develop social, motor, language, and cognitive abilities. Through hands-on activities and small group work, each student enjoys a busy and productive day. Students gain knowledge from their unit studies, explore social relationships, learn to express themselves clearly, and discover letters and numbers. The use of manipulatives, puzzles, art supplies, and writing tools build fine motor skills. On the playground, the students develop large motor skills as they build confidence and competence on the playground equipment. 

Our preschool day includes circle and calendar time, small-group teacher directed activities, snack time, daily story time, and center time. Preschool students enjoy Spanish (Pre-K & JK Only), music, Physical Education, and library classes once a week, and attend chapel services twice a week.

The curriculum, guided by both national and state learning standards, covers five content areas: literacy, math, social studies, science, and the arts.


The students are introduced to rhyming words and play oral word games. All children are exposed to different genres of literature through their story and library times.

Threes and Young-Fours students study a letter a week using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. 

Pre-Kindergarten students study a letter a week using the Explode the Code curriculum. Junior Kindergarten students are immersed in literature using beginning readers published by Modern Curriculum Press. These approaches help students to learn the connection between oral and written language.


All students are introduced to calendar terms, sequencing, sorting by attribute, and patterning. Shape recognition, measurement, and rote counting are also introduced.

Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten students enhance these skills using the Everyday Math program, comprised of hands-on activities and games.

Social Studies

The concepts of understanding how people live, work, and interact with each other are the core of our preschool Social Studies curriculum. In order to help all students gain an understanding of their role in the community, three school-wide community service projects are conducted each year.


Preschool students enjoy hands-on activities with plants and animals. Discussions about the earth including weather, space, and dinosaurs help all students to understand they are part of a broader environment. 

The Arts

Our young students experience the joy of self-expression though activities involving drawing, painting, manipulating play dough, singing, dancing, and engaging in dramatic play with peers.

Curriculum Enhancements

Chapel and Worship

Chapel is an integral part of our School program. Parents are always welcome to attend our worship services. We celebrate together as a community of faithful people. This focus on Christian values provides the center around which all academic, social, and spiritual goals revolve. The School recognizes the religious diversity of its community and actively promotes respect and acceptance of all faiths. 


Weekly library classes enable students to develop the motivation and skills necessary to read and foster a love of reading. Students will become familiar with elements of a book, styles of writing, authors, illustrators, and library classification systems. They will hear stories, complete related activities, and select books for check out. This program is designed to create an appreciation for all literature. 


The music program at Christ Church School introduces students to rhythm, melody/pitch, expression, and movement. Through singing, playing simple percussion instruments, and other rhythm activities, students are introduced to the fundamentals of music and are encouraged to develop an appreciation for music. The students also learn basic performance skills that are practiced in a variety of school programs. 

Physical Education 

Physical education plays an important role in a student’s growth and development. The physical education program at Christ Church School is designed to promote lifelong fitness habits. Physical activity can stimulate brain development, enhance motor coordination, and increase energy levels. The program provides an opportunity for each student to develop skill competencies which will allow him/her to interact successfully with peers and develop self-awareness. 


Christ Church School offers its students an opportunity to be exposed to a foreign language at an early age. Oral and written introductions to vocabulary are integrated with classroom themes using puppets, songs, and games. The program promotes interest and appreciation for Spanish-speaking people and their cultures, contributing to an attitude of global understanding and awareness. (Participation: Pre-K, JK, and Elementary classes.)