Educating the WHOLE child - Mind, Heart, and Spirit!

Our Vision



The preschool and elementary school programs at Christ Church School provide a nurturing, safe, and faith-centered environment which is designed to educate the whole child – mind, heart, and spirit – while cultivating each student’s individuality. 

Christ Church School’s vision for our students will:

  • Instill the love of God through experience, prayer, and knowledge.
  • Foster an understanding of how spirituality and moral conscience connect with all aspects of their lives.
  • Develop social, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills.
  • Help students develop self-respect, respect for others, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  • Engage students in active learning through hands-on experiences, questioning,      problem-solving, and critical thinking exercises supported by well-designed, age-appropriate curricula.
  • Develop positive health, safety, and nutritional practices.
  • Encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts.